Female head
Hair raising: hair dressing for 3D artists
Hand sculpted in Blender. The goal of this project was to achieve a realistic human sculpt and hair. Hair is made using Blender’s new curve system instead of the particle system. Female skin is softer looking and possesses finer pores than male skin. Hand-painted makeup has been applied (base layer, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara). All these small details have to come together correctly to create a believable portrait.
Male head
Hyper-real hand-modelled male head
The focus of this project was to produce a realistic human head. Although time consuming, applying micro details by hand are important to achieve realism: skin pits and bumps, small discolourations, lines, and wrinkles are necessary. Beard and mustache hair rarely tapers to a point because men trim their facial hair and distribution over the face is uneven. It generally takes many layers of carefully applied textures to construct believable human skin.
Winston Churchill
Sculpted completely in Blender using many old Churchill photos for reference. Eyes are made procedurally - no external texture scans were used. Lighting mimics an old style reminiscent of Churchill's time and adds to his aura.
todd belcher
3D artist
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