Hard modelling: a medical device
Kardium Globe: Single catheter for atrial mapping and fibrillation
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I have undergraduate degrees in Design (graphic) and Biochemistry which allows simultaneous incorporation of aesthetic and scientific aspects into a 3D project and enabled me to do this for Kardium, a medical solutions company that has developed a revolutionary device for the diagnosis and treatment of atrial fibrillation.
Kardium's Globe is an 'all-in-one' catheter device for both mapping and ablating of tissue that causes atrial fibrillation. Its dual function significantly reduces both surgical time and operational difficulty.
Design and all things medical continue to be interests and in this case aided in understanding and solving subtle 3D modelling challenges.
Hard modelling: a vintage camera
1954 Zeiss Super Ikonta
pretty as a picture
This camera is a 1954 Zeiss Super Ikonta and I own one of these, so I can measure parts and accurately recreate them in 3D. Both measurements and recreation have to be very accurate or the 3D parts - as in real life - will not fit the 3D camera as you virtually assemble it piece by piece.
Interior objects
couch and guitar
quantum learning; string theory
Using a CAD-type blueprint to make an object

I used real luthier plans to make this 3D Martin OM-28 guitar. One of the pics here shows the luthier 'blueprint' overlaid on the 3D Martin guitar and shows the accuracy of the 3D model to the plan. The guitar is placed into different 3D environments to see how it held up.
Using Blender's Geometry Nodes
a gumdrop
How to light translucent objects' - something to chew on.
Blender has 'Geometry Nodes' a procedural modelling method where everything is adjustable post creation and while this is an innovative feature, it's still really about creating appropriate lighting for the job at hand. Semi-translucent objects are difficult to light, doubly so for food because it's up to the 3D artist's use of lighting to make it look tasty.
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